Congratulations to our Blue Shadows Competition Team!

2022 Rose Parade Team

Blue Shadows Mounted Drill Team is a non-profit equestrian organization dedicated to teaching young people how to ride a horse while learning teamwork skills and responsibility. This organization is based off of early cavalry drilling (group of horses and riders moving in various formations and units) so not only do members learn how to become better riders, but they will learn about drill maneuvers and leadership skills as well.

Since 1957, Blue Shadows has been introducing the horse world to many children who otherwise may never have that opportunity. Blue Shadows has worked hard to instill the qualities of horsemanship, teamwork and dedication that has kept the organization running strong for over 60 years. Blue Shadows is currently located in Lake View Terrace, in Southern California. Our facility also has horses available, so horse ownership is not necessary. In fact, most members do not own their own horses. Blue Shadows members participate in weekly drilling practice, horse shows, parades, trail rides and community events. In addition, our advanced teams perform in outside equestrian team competitions. The instructors, mentors and board members are all volunteers and funding for events, operating costs, member support and scholarship program comes from donations, fundraisers and sponsorships.