IMG_BlueShadows2_450.jpgBlue Shadows is made up of three posts. Each post has two to four troops that ride one night a week between Monday and Friday. Each member in a troop has different responsibilities according to their rank. A rider begins as a remount where they first learn the basics about horse care and riding, then they are promoted to trooper. Each rank can gain a promotion through gained skills and dedication.

Aside from working towards competitions, troops will also have game nights, go on trail rides, participate in parades, and many other activities away from the ranch. Blue Shadows is best described as a cavalry-based organization where kids learn how to ride a horse or increase their riding skills and learn leadership and discipline, while meeting kids with similar interests. Blue Shadows is a fantastic organization for kids who would like to learn how to ride horses, ride in a drill team, and have fun in the process.



Rental fees vary per location but average around $25 a week. Feel free to contact us for exact prices per location. Blue Shadows is also open to those who own their own horse.

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